~The Scars Deep Within~

Tearing me apart till i feel annihilated

Constant regard till it has been eviscerated,

Deep down potent

Breathing alive but kept latent,

when the past memories avalanche

It erupts from the ashes like a high tide destroying everything in its way with no match,

Whirring over to galvanize

Resuscitates to mesmerize,

Wrenching delusion and self preservation apart to see lucidly

Creeps inside incising timidly,

Overwhelming the part embraced

Crippling the facade to reach the end of the maze,

Disemboweling the fake serenity leaving behind a feeling of being naked and raw

Terrified would be the one who was finally let in and the truth who finally saw ,

Gripping firmly till it bleeds

Stalking till its constant presence sows  even more so seeds,

Running away distracted by the blur

Accepting and embracing it the only way to heal and break through that ever provided were,

But only after looking from the other side does realization ever strike

The shackles you fought so hard to escape were the ones that kept you alive to provide respite.

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