My body was violated

My skin burnt and charred with remnants of his evil lust,

The wounds sinking deeper than skin

The horror of his sinful touch haunting every moment,

The fear of his jabbing clutch sinking deep within me

Was this all i had become ?

A testing tool of his wicked imagination,

Scared to let it out

Securing everything in the broken vessel i had become,

Keeping all the tattered pieces hidden

Covering, sheathing , masquerading the pain that had become my reality,

Pulling up walls and donning the mask of civilization

Chaining away the past in a chest never to be opened,

Living and breathing every moment as a closeted victim

I learnt how to suffer silently

I learnt how to make the pain my own

I learnt how to fool the world with a mask of unfazed courage

I came to terms with how broken and alone i was inside

I learnt at last some wounds don’t just etch your skin, they run deeper than that and annihilate the soul you call your own.



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