You don’t do it for me anymore

Every moment and word stings like being jabbed deeper into my crucifixion

The words and your nonchalance, oh how they whip me into humiliation

The act of innocence which requires for you to break me apart and annihilate

The ever present presumption of my fault and your ways to subjugate

Persevere to bring me to heal to your despotic mandate

Swallowing the tears of bearing your ignorance and concealing the pain

Till i suffocate on the feeling of fighting alone while choking up and recoil from your vain

I wonder how long will I be able to keep holding onto and going back till I erupt

Like a moth gets drawn to the fire till it self destructs

 At times like these i drift away and contemplate

Is it better to feel alone while you are still entwined or separate ? 


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