The fallen caged angel

This carcass that I’m caged within

Has started to crumble under constant loathe and criticism

The fragments of my own being betraying my identity and its camouflage

Under the harsh annihilation of my self forged sanctuary that was tantamount to rebirth

The armor constructed to shelter my soul from the doom of undergoing yet another abduction of infancy

Treading down the self destructive path of sabotage to deflect further assassination

Marring my self worth and donning the mask of abhorrent impairment to guard

Preserving the soul that had been ravaged to much greater extent than the broken remnants left apart

The never concluding elucidation tears down the armor built over time to safeguard the soul that was rescued by none

The dismissal and loathing of the pain and love that went behind creating something that became my comfortable identity, armor and most of all my only confidante

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