Love thyself

Once upon a long time ago

There was a girl with a naive heart

She used to think that the one who could love her

Had to be broken just like her

She was of the belief that only such a person

Would not be fazed by the mess they saw

She thought that only such a person could dare

To stick around even after witnessing the dreary depths of darkness

She thought she concealed deep within the depths of her caged heart

Such was her view that she tried to find someone

Who could merge their broken pieces with hers to complete the puzzle

It was then after loving with all her broken pieces that she finally realized

The fault was not in her or the love that she endlessly provided

It was rooted in the fact that the love for herself was absent

That she accepted the crumbs that came her way, trying to find beauty in as little

Thinking that such a fragmented love was all she deserved because of her flaws

But as she overcame that haze of self imposed constraint and complaint

She finally owned up to the fact that no one’s love could make her feel whole

Unless the love was being reciprocated from within herself

As it was only her love for herself that could truly suffice the love she rightly deserved.

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