I should’ve known it back then

The times when I saw you with her

The way you spoke of her, the way she spoke to you

It all seemed transparent and transient

As I felt the companionship of your love become reclusive of the warmth of my touch

I should’ve known it back then

When she took a piece of my art

And you justified it by downplaying her part

I should’ve known it back then

You wouldn’t mind her taking you away from my heart

Until all that was left of us was inevitably wrenched apart

The piercing pain of my cries of help strangulate my mind

The only thing I asked of you was not to prey on her after we broke away and apart

Because I knew it in my heart of hearts

You’d replace my existence with the effervescene of her presence she sought to impart

All my fears turned into an unspeakable reality when you exposed your lies

You found a confidante in her all while I was alienated and crucified

The scars of your confession still haunt me until today because all I could do was to succumb to your sins and repent

Even though I accepted all your flaws

You still didn’t let go of her from your claws

I tired to hold on for dear life

Trying to put back the pieces in the aftermath of our strife

Still alas, nothing could appease you oh master of lies

Even though I abandoned myself to reclaim your love like I was the sinner meant to be burning away in fire it still didn’t suffice

You didn’t just break my soul when you walked away on us but also destructed the pride I had left by breaking your promise to lie in the same hell as her.

I hope you found what you were looking for but never forget that you shall also reap as you sow so enjoy while it lasts until your chance occurs.

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