A befitting end to a beautiful beginning

To close the chapter to an unprecedented story

Craving the only thing that seemed out of my reach

The torment of tumultuous thoughts seeking an explanation of your breach

Countless sleepless nights and days that were marred with the nightmare of your haunting memories

Churning within my mind all the possibilities that could serve as an answer to my unanswered queries

Revisiting all the pain to decipher the fallibility of your promises

All in the name of finding solace from the untethered shadow that looms over my soul irrevocably

But as it’s rightly said life surprises you with things when you least expect it

Lo and behold, there you were staring back at me while I was trying to breathe unfettered again without sinking into the deep chasm

As dread washed over me, all my symptoms came rushing back alike waves of the ocean leave behind the murkiness at its shore to revive the pristine

It transpired just like I’d always wondered, the sight of you leaving me pale and stale without a say as I was encountered by the ghost of your presence

I returned to my vices, sleepless and hungry trying to survive on my thoughts with no semblance of reality or fantasy

All the possibilities churned inside me as my mind scrambled to retain and regain normalcy unconsciously

I thought of all outcomes pragmatically, whether to cuss you out or cry at your feet for redemption from being under your spell of misery

At last, the rambling of my thoughts lost to the deep yearning of my soul for peace

I instinctively knew that nothing I could say or do would grant me the solace I desperately yearned from the day your absence became my truth

But as I’d always suspected you weren’t done with your games and hence you played your last move to feel invincible yet again

Thinking I was the same naive devotee who’d undulate at your malice fueled fallacies

Alas your predictions were put to shame, as I was now adept at recognizing your toxic traits so I played your game better than you ever could

Unlike you though, my intuition never betrayed so you folded your cards just like I’d known from the start

You, my once beloved were a quitter and that never leaves it’s mark so you exhibited your precarious perilous predisposition

But this time around I wasn’t chained by the construct of your prism of mirage shrouded as love

And just when I least expected it, the missing piece to the puzzle mangling my mind exposed itself

All this time what I thought I needed an answer to was the constant convoluting conundrum of why did you do what you did.

But it was once I saw you retreat into your shroud of anonymous mystery I knew I’d found peace and an answer to my elusive ending

The closure craved constantly was an awareness of the fact that despite all your pride, you knew the worth of what you had lost in consequence of being a frivolous flighty fiend

And as that realization dawned on me, I finally feel free.

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