Contradictory Conundrum

The allure of mystery

Concealed behind the tapestry

A deep desire for anonymity

A tryst between passion and sanity

Longing for thrill of the chase

Belonging within an impaired appreciation for authenticity, alas dormant it stays

Obscure needs shrouded in ambiguity

Wanting to consociate yet escaping the same out of fear of inability

Oscillating within choosing between the heady appeal of needs and constant assurance of wants

Push and pull of the tides of thoughts palpable instinctively without having to flaunt

Purplexed and stranded in an abyss of conflicting commitments

Lying in the grave of my own making with an irreverence to lament

At the end, all that is left is the exotic enigma and appalling apprehension

They become your constant confidants and afflict as hosts existing with your permission.

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