Domestic Violence

It happened during our daily nightly conversations

When my mom asked me about my views regarding a movie

This movie being a case in point about domestic violence

She brought up the topic with such practiced nonchalance to gauge my reaction, that it made me silently suspicious

We exchanged our respective opinions which had such glaring but anticipated disparity

Wherein on one hand you said that a chance must be provided to save a life created together with another person

On the other hand I felt that if one feels trapped within an institution that doesn’t serve their growth any further rather just jeopardize it, one must break away from the shackles imposed by the law and society

It was surprising yet expected to have this difference in our opinions

Women bred by the lessons of different generations that conditioned them alike but the need to heed to such feed stood changed

Upon witnessing and hearing stories of the likes of folklores as to how women were habituated to be violated domestically by their partners

The prevalence of these incidents such that its occurrence was normalized

I took a deep breath to muster the courage to bring forth an incidence of such nature I encountered myself

When I told my mom how your fingers dug into my flesh leaving behind the mark of your valiant possession

How I ran away from that situation even upon your requests to come back at once

But what I did not tell her was the fact that I did go back, I did overlook my own good to be of service to you

I also didn’t tell her of the time when your rage was so violent that I genuinely feared my well being around you until all I could do is succumb to tears of fear

My mother was a believer of chances but I was not, because I had learnt my lessons from being with a man who said he loved me but right after tore my self esteem apart

I tried to reason with her and explained that our discussion on that movie was redundant because even though the protagonist in the movie didn’t go back for more

Women in reality are always conditioned to overlook any transgressions that harm their sense of self and safety because ignoring it is better than facing it head on

But this time around, I again expressed myself with greater conviction when I said to her, “I will never let a man take advantage of me again”

And maybe just from the sheer will of my uncompromising proclamation she became silent and sighed under her breath

That is when I concluded it by saying “giving chances maybe fine, but one can never say when the chance you give another might be last one you are allowed.”

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