Dark desires

For once, I wanted to take the dare in a game

To play with fire and be engulfed in it transgressing flames

I took the bait and painted my lips red

A come hither hue of passion igniting its flames

And as he looked at me when he walked in

A mischievous gleam sneaking as he looked deeply into my eyes

His hand drifted to the small of my back to greet

And as he came closer and whispered in my ear with his breathy baritone

“I’ve never seen a woman like you”

And as he drifted away his casual callous caress

His tactful fingers grazed my pulse as his lips smirked in recognition

Time froze as I was still reeling from his comment

I relapsed from his touch as if I’d been burnt

And then he brought me back to reality by simply brushing an errand hair out of my face away from my lips

Making me crave his casual callous contentious caress like a drug

As he was listening, hooked to each word coming out of my mouth

I could feel his eyes read my lips like he was trying to listen solely through his sight

His eyes dancing between the red hue of my lips and my kohl rimmed eyes

And as he moved past my hand, his hand brushed mine in a way that seemed to be innocuous

But when I didn’t retrieve my hand at the gesture, I saw him smiling behind the ember of his whiskey sour

Each graze planned in a manner to reacquaint and realign my body to the heat of his untamed passion

As the night came to an end, he embraced me even after my hesitation to its appeal

It just like I fit perfectly in the crook under your chin

And in that isolated moment, I truly felt the inebriated taste of my sin

As I ceased to move and just stay in the warmth of your embrace

Your hands glided my back trying to solve the mystery of pleasure it disclosed

As we disjoined our bodies, your fragrance still lingered near my nose

As you reluctantly let go of your embrace while brushing your lips against my forehead and taking a last whiff of remembrance of my hair

You took a step back and could witness time running out

The transfixing gleam in my eyes fading right before your sight

And then unexpectedly, you stepped back close enough to whisper one last time in my ear

As your gravely baritone serenaded my ears yet again whilst your tip of your nose grazed my ear

Yet again your incandescent touch chained my mind but set my imagination free

As an instinctual moan escaped my lips and my neck surrendered to your feathering kisses

“Don’t forget, none of this comes out in the light of day”

And just like that the spell of the fairy tale broke as did the fantasy in my nightmare.

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