The End.


I remember that night as clear as day

As my mind oscillated on the edge of insanity

I will never forget that fateful fatal night

It would be the only time when I came the closest to taking my own life (suicide)

I remember being overcome with the feeling of being unwanted and misunderstood even after giving people everything I could with all my might

A feeling so strong that I felt unworthy to live a life filled with pain of such kind and all I wanted to do was just hide

I was scared of the intensity of my own thoughts so I scrambled to have anyone tell me otherwise and dissipate the darkness by shining their light

But alas as each and every one I tried to reach brushed me aside even after hearing the desperation in my voice, my last respite was to just fly away with the wind and its tides

So close to ending the unfruitful fight with my life, I reached out to the only person I knew I lived for and the only one that could bring me back from the death ledge I was embarking on to make it all alright

She was the light at the end of the tunnel I dug deep to find, she didn’t just shine her light but also held my hand to bring me out of the self destructive spiraling tunnel as my only guide

I had come so close to dying that I had to finally chose to live my life as my own ride or die

That was the night I finally swore to imbibe the unwavering resolve of optimism because my cynical pessimism could no longer keep me alive

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