Looking the other way

The clock strikes 12 and the tale begins

No missing glass slippers left behind, just my self esteem

As once again I fall prey to your schemes

Just as the night closes in, all my pretenses come undone

I sit alone feeling faded until you come along and sing me praises

You return with a promise for more each time I vow to not let you in but alas I lose the battle with myself each time I succumb to your gaze

You say I’m a little nutty but chill since I’m always down to have you get your ways still

I wish I was smarter, I wish my learnt my lessons because this was nothing but a downward spiral

But as always I was ready for more because even though I knew it was forbidden yet I wanted to be indulged as a mural

The times I spent with you were far and few yet still I felt irresistibly invincible

It always felt like you saw the demon within and were never afraid to embrace and expose it with complete candor

You saw right through my walls and commanded the demon within like you knew it’s achilles heel and how to trigger a surrender

I hate the power you have on me but I bait you with donning the garb of your deepest darkest fetish and fantasies

The magic it creates when two equals combat and control the other’s mind still gets me going

The intensity of the passion keeps us engaged in the mirage while we both do what we know best as around the truth we go tip toeing

I know you don’t need me but you still want me

I know you know I want you but still wont let you have me

You know I love those games we play

Condescending yet never compliant, I put on a show that wills you to stray

I love when you whisper those false nothings, making me believe as if this was more than something

I like that moment of make believe and indulge in it’s toxic appeal as I reveal to myself I’m still not over my preference of kneeling

I know the reason you chase me is because I’m the one you cannot seem to get a hold of entirely

I know my inherent appeal lies in the mysteriousness of my depravity

But in my mind I still wanted to believe that you weren’t just attracted to the fantasy of me but my reality

I knew deep within that you’d never leave her even if I fulfilled all your fallacies

You just love the feeling of taming something beyond your reach and having it all to yourself even when you give nothing in return

There used to be a time when I craved to be your main thing and let it consume me as I continued to yearn

But now I know for sure that even if I had you all to myself, I’d never need you because I see right through you

I know if it wasn’t me then there still would be somebody else for you so getting all in my feelings was futile for a unfaithful fellow like you.

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