Shape shifting shadows

The sunlight bathed her entirety through small porous holes

Rather than feeling its warmth, she felt a chilling breeze

Once she caught the reflection of her shadow staring back inanimately

As she tried to extend her embrace towards her shadow

She froze when she witnessed the cold arrogance of her own shadow’s unresponsiveness

As her fumbling hands retreated, she felt feeble in comparison to her shadow’s control

The terror of being abandoned and betrayed by her shadow struck like million bolts

As the shadow started closing in on her and enveloping her in its chilling darkness

She felt unable to escape, enamored to discover a confidante to the darkness within

She embraced the feeling of nothingness and void with calm surrender

The montage of their conversation wrung loud and clear in her conscience

Just like in her imagination, she screamed and wailed from the pain unlike her

Whilst being able to quieten the intensity of her thoughts in comparison to the noise of the suffering

She felt weightless like floating on a sea of sorrow as the shadow consumed her, all the while staring emptily

She was in the clutches of toxicity who’s suffocating presence she was accustomed to

Thus she felt at peace and back home finally.

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